Outdoor designed and customised to your needs

A unique system

Modularte is the modular system that can be adapted to any environment and allows the creation of large planters without any shape constraints and with a single tank solution.


Designed with you

We design custom-made outdoor systems through total customisation of our products. We produce answers that interpret the most current conceptions of living, from domestic to professional spaces. Rigour and formal neatness make each proposal studied, designed and made to measure by the Modularte team unique.


Design and technology

Modularte is synonymous with high quality, experience and innovation. A specialised team capable of creating products with a high technological component, essential and functional design. Our modular outdoor systems are designed, developed and produced with meticulous attention to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Genuine Italian craftsmanship, combined with highly efficient production processes, guarantees the production of unique products that will last over time.


A project cannot ignore external constraints and stresses. For this reason, Modularte dialogues, understands and translates the thoughts of designers and its customers: expressing in the quality of its creations, objects that will be part of someone's life every day.

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