Pergo is the useful accessory for pergola columns, attached to the Potter planter with a ballast function for pergola columns that cannot be fixed to the floor so as not to damage the waterproofing. It is characterised by a linear decoration: an accessory that can be adapted to any type of structure, from pergola to gazebo. Pergo can be rolled up or incorporated into the Pergo planter.


Pergo is attached to the Potter planter decoration using screws and nuts. The pergola pole is anchored at any point outside the planter walls. This is an ideal solution, to allow the assembly of pergola perimeter enclosures made of glass or PVC sheet. Alternatively, you can have the pole detached from the planter, using special spacers or a base plate. In the cubic version, using adjustable modular supports, it is possible to insert the pole inside the planter as well, fixing it to the centre or to one of the four internal corners of the Potter. This solution is appropriate in case of central columns of the pergola, or in case of lack of space outside the pergola perimeter due to the possible presence of parapets, walls or other obstacles.



Galvanised steel

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Brushed stainless steel

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RAL paints

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