The perfect synthesis of aesthetics and safety, Corrimano is a project that is made to measure for the customer. As well as being a modular planter with aesthetic and functional features, Corrimano can be used as a reliable railing, thanks to brackets supplied by Modularte. The steel of the handrail can be customised with the same finishes as the planters to which it is attached.

Characteristics and fixing

A distinctive element of Modularte is the absence of welding, the products are indeed obtained through folds, as well as for the integrated railing, in the upper part of the planter Corrimano. The railing can be mounted on the internal or external side depending on the requirements of the project, between one crossbar and the other the measurement does not exceed 10 cm. It is possible to mount the integrated railing on both the inner and outer side of the planter. Slotted plates allow the planter to be fixed to the ground on screeded floors, but also on floating floors; the plates can be positioned anywhere on the planter.

River inspections

Two inspection systems are available for accessing the drain for cleaning purposes, both of which avoid dismantling the planter. The first consists of a removable magnetic front panel that allows access to the drain from underneath the bottom of the planter. The second is an inspection chimney inserted inside the planter, which, by means of a cover, allows access to the drain from above. The counter-wall system is the ideal solution when the planters are more than one hundred centimetres high.

Types of parapet

Fixing of a railing at the top of the planter as a handrail. Railing with attachment of a glass pane using Cristal system. It remains possible to mount the railing on both the inside and outside of the planter. Simple planter without any type of handrail. Simple planter with overlapping wall covering.

Technology and functionality

Adjustable bottom

The Cubo modular planter has a steel base that is height-adjustable, both to suit the type of plant (short-root or long-root) and the weight bearing capacity of the terrace slab. The greatest weight of a planter is not rapresented by the material it is made of, but by the weight of the water-saturated soil.

Thermal transmittance

Four Enkadrain panels are inserted in the inner walls of Cubo, which thermally insulate the soil (with a strong reduction in the thermal transmittance of the walls in summer), providing ventilation for the roots, but also for the lower layers of the planter. A watertight shaped PVC bag is placed on the steel bottom, which prevents contact between the walls, soil, humidity and fertiliser and ensures a long lifespan of the planter, as well as the overheating of the bottom.

Water reserve with controlled drainage

The second PVC bottom is equipped with an overflow drain with water retention function. When watering, the water flows through the pipe, arrives directly at the bottom and does not escape unless it reaches the overflow level. Clay and soil are given time to absorb it by capillarity and transfer it to the upper layers, ensuring a uniform moisture level over time. The drain can be cut or lengthened to increase the water reserve, and has a root inhibitor filter that prevents the water outlet hole from becoming blocked.

Ducted drain

The drain can be connected to a hose holder. In this way, excess water can be channelled and conveyed to the nearest terrace drain, without spraying and soiling the floor.



Galvanised steel

Aluminium Color Modularte


Stainless Steel Colour Modularte

Stainless steel



Brushed stainless steel Modularte

Brushed stainless steel

Cor-ten Color Modularte


RAL paints

White Color Modularte

B1 White RAL 9010

Ivory Colour Modularte

B2 Ivory RAL 1013

M3 Dark Brown Modularte Colour

M3 Dark brown RAL 8019

Black Color Modularte

N1 Black


G1 Light grey RAL 7035

Grey Colour Modularte

G2 Grey

Micaceous paints

M1 Tortora Colour Modularte

M1 Turtledove

G2 Light Grey Colour Modularte

G2 Light grey

G3 Dark Grey Colour Modularte

G3 Dark grey

Cement Grey Modularte Colour

G5 Cement grey

M2 Rust Colour Modularte

M2 Rust

M4 Dark brown Color Modularte

M4 Dark brown






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