Rational organisation and pure aesthetics for Nerone, a brazier that has shelves integrated into the design of the structure. It is made of hot-dip galvanised steel with a micaceous black powder coating, cor-ten steel supplied in an advanced state of oxidation. Nerone's cooking surface is 90 cm in diameter. The wood holder underneath, and the plurality of support surfaces, make Nerone an extremely elegant and professional brazier.


Nerone is characterised by a round, 10 mm thick steel cooking surface. The top allows for griddle, grill and wok cooking. In addition, when brought up to temperature, the top has a sufficient slope towards the central mouth, which is useful for the dispersion of oils and fats.

Technology and functionality

Cooking surface with differentiated temperatures

Nerone's cooking surface has two areas with different temperatures: the central area can reach the temperature of 300° c around the wood supply hole, while the outer perimeter remains at a lower temperature. The convenience of having two zones with different temperatures allows better management of cooking in relation to the fire supply.

Aeration and ash collection

Modularte braziers all have an air intake at the base. The lower ventilation fan can be adjusted with a practical lever. Pushing the lever will open the fan fully, thus maximising the air flow from the bottom of the brazier. The opening has not only the function of aeration during combustion, but also the added advantage of being able to drain the ashes easily from below. At the base there is a steel tray for collecting ashes, a removable tray for collecting ashes. By pushing the fan adjustment lever, all the holes in the bottom of the brazier will open and drop the ashes into the tray. There is no need for shovels or other tools to extract the ashes, the convenience of cleaning and emptying is one of the many advantages of Modularte braziers.



Cor-ten Color Modularte


RAL paints

Black Color Modularte

N1 Black

Micaceous paints

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