A new proposal, Kilt, enriches our catalogue of modular planters. A carter designed to transform even the most common plastic pot into an unexpected design object. Made to measure according to the size of the existing pot, Kilt can also be used as a planter by planting shrubs directly inside it. The casing also has a containment function, if the choice is to place it in a grassy outdoor space.

Characteristics and assembly

Kilt's walls make the installation practical and reliable because they fit together, perimetering the pot, or pots side by side. So the plants stay in their plastic pots, and the steel walls act as a cover for the sides, and as a containment and support for any finishing expanded clay. Customisations for irregular formats, sizes and finishes are possible on request.


A top cover is available in four or more sections, ideal for covering the area between the edge of the plastic pot and the steel walls. This cover is adjustable and adapts to the pot height of the plant to be covered. Finally, you can place lapilli, clay or other finishing materials on the top cover and insert small border pots to make the composition fuller and more complete. This accessory guarantees the passage of air and water to the inner pot.



Galvanised steel

Aluminium Color Modularte


Stainless Steel Colour Modularte

Stainless steel



Brushed stainless steel Modularte

Brushed stainless steel

Cor-ten Color Modularte


RAL paints

White Color Modularte

B1 White RAL 9010

Ivory Colour Modularte

B2 Ivory RAL 1013

M3 Dark Brown Modularte Colour

M3 Dark brown RAL 8019

Black Color Modularte

N1 Black


G1 Light grey RAL 7035

Grey Colour Modularte

G2 Grey

Micaceous paints

M1 Tortora Colour Modularte

M1 Turtledove

G2 Light Grey Colour Modularte

G2 Light grey

G3 Dark Grey Colour Modularte

G3 Dark grey

Cement Grey Modularte Colour

G5 Cement grey

M2 Rust Colour Modularte

M2 Rust

M4 Dark brown Color Modularte

M4 Dark brown

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