The desire to interpret the space of more modern gazebos and pergolas is behind the creation of Heavy. A porcelain stoneware floating floor complete with steel substructure. An ideal solution for medium and large dehors with sliding glass doors. The design versatility of this modular system boasts a proposal that can be declined for every space requirement. While the perimeter windows slides on guides firmly embedded in the substructure, Heavy is totally free-standing, and is assembled without drilling the floor underneath.

Features and modular frame

Heavy differs from classic floating floors, its frame contains and forms the perimeter of the floor. The frame is made up of a substructure beam, which runs around the entire perimeter, within which the guides flush with the edge of the sliding glass panels will be fixed. Satin-finish stainless steel profiles cover the outer edge, and cover the edge of the stoneware slabs, and steel crossbeams stiffen and stabilise the perimeter on which the stoneware slabs rest. A cross-shaped substructure further contains the perimeter structure in medium and large sized platforms, and it facilitates a regular and precise assembly. The side of the platform is not visible, an aluminium sandwich panel closes the perimeter and acts as a skirting board, making the perimeter elegant.


Thanks to the screw-adjustable plastic and steel feet, differences in the slope of the subfloor are compensated for, for each portion covered by the platform.



Pavement profile

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