Green wall

Careful stylistic research has resulted in the creation of Green wall, a vertically developed planter for those walls that you want to be green. Whether fixed to a wall or free-standing, Green wall is the solution for all indoor and outdoor contexts. Entirely made of steel, it is composed of PVC-coated planting tubs with a water reservoir and provision for automatic irrigation.


Green wall consists of a series of steel cultivation tubs of any desired length. The tanks are joined together to form a monolith without intermediate walls. Green wall can be free-standing, fixed to the ground or to a wall, even just on one side. In the case of a self-supporting Green wall, this can be single-sided, when the plants emerge only on one side, or double-sided, i.e. on both sides. In the case of wall mounting in modular compositions, uprights allow fixing. These tubs can be mounted in series and obtain a dense covering of plants, or spaced out, and in this case a wire mesh can be mounted as a trellis to support the ground cover plants. A multifaceted system, designed and developed to carry out articulated projects, and customised in terms of shape, size and performance.

Fixing on planter

Green wall can also be anchored to a planter, making the range of compositional solutions even wider and more varied. For this type of fixing, uprights and plates designed specifically for this customisation are used.

Technology and functionality

Water reserve with controlled drainage

At the bottom of the planter is a shaped PVC watertight bag with a height-adjustable drain, with which the amount of water in reserve at the bottom is determined. The drain can also be connected to a hose adaptor, so that the excess water discharged can be channelled and conveyed to the nearest terrace drain without wetting and soiling the floor.When watering, the water arrives at the bottom directly with the supplied hose and will be absorbed by the expanded clay in a few hours, and from there capillarily transferred to the upper layers of soil. Thanks to this technique of watering from below, the right degree of uniform and constant humidity is guaranteed for the roots.

Preparation for irrigation system

The steel frame of the Green wall is prepared for the installation of the irrigation system. In the modular model, the irrigation pipe is housed in the vertical profile fixed to the wall supporting the tanks, while in the freestanding model, the pipe is installed inside the frame, thus remaining out of sight.



Galvanised steel

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Stainless Steel Colour Modularte

Stainless steel



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Brushed stainless steel

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