Cubo is our Alpha and Omega, the single or modular planter with height-adjustable base, the result of careful stylistic and technological research balancing functionality and beauty. With its linear simplicity, it decorates and characterises your outdoor environment, making it unique and unrepeatable. Its structure is devoid of intermediate walls in order to allow free and natural diffusion of roots. Finally, a wide range of accessories and optional extras allows for customised designs in terms of shape, size and performance.

Joints and angles

Our attention to detail is expressed through a technical and stylistic versatility of precision, with a proposal of four different solutions of joints and angles with different expressive value.

River inspections

There are two inspection systems available for accessing the drain for cleaning purposes, which allow to avoid dismantling the planter. The first is a removable magnetic front panel that allows access to the drain from underneath the bottom of the planter. The second is an inspection chimney inserted inside the planter which, by means of a cover, allows access to the drain from above.

Technology and functionality