Cristal is the ideal accessory to make bars, restaurants, parapets, balconies and terraces exclusive but rational. Thanks to its internal frame, Cristal allows the insertion and blocking of laminated glass panes to the Cubo planters as windbreaks or parapets. The accessories can be combined with laminated glass with a thickeness between 10 mm and 20 mm.


Cristal can be mounted either on the outer or inner side of the planter or even in a staggered manner. An inner frame supports and holds the laminated glass panes, which are 10 to 22 mm thick. The glass panes fit into the inner "pocket" support, which is screwed to the flanges of the Cubo planter walls. For installations on balconies and terraces with a glass height of more than 80 cm, we recommend floor or railing mounting. Fixing is by means of adjustable brackets and attachments.

Ground version

Cristal can also be mounted on the floor between two Cubos to create partitions with alternating glass planters. In this case, the planters use special vertical "squeeze" pockets to support the glass sheets, which become joining elements. The compositions of glass planters can also be angular, and on a specific project they can also compensate for irregular angles.



Galvanised steel

Aluminium Color Modularte


Stainless Steel Colour Modularte

Stainless steel



Brushed stainless steel Modularte

Brushed stainless steel

Cor-ten Color Modularte


RAL paints

White Color Modularte

B1 White RAL 9010

Ivory Colour Modularte

B2 Ivory RAL 1013

M3 Dark Brown Modularte Colour

M3 Dark brown RAL 8019

Black Color Modularte

N1 Black


G1 Light grey RAL 7035

Grey Colour Modularte

G2 Grey

Micaceous paints

M1 Tortora Colour Modularte

M1 Turtledove

G2 Light Grey Colour Modularte

G2 Light grey

G3 Dark Grey Colour Modularte

G3 Dark grey

Cement Grey Modularte Colour

G5 Cement grey

M2 Rust Colour Modularte

M2 Rust

M4 Dark brown Color Modularte

M4 Dark brown

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