Augusto is the brazier with an enveloping and elegant design, accompanied by elements of unquestionable practicality. It is made of cor-ten steel, processed and supplied in an advanced state of oxidation. The triangular top not only gives it originality, but also offers three cooking areas at different temperatures. The removable stainless steel top makes the Augusto practical and functional.


The Augusto features a triangular, 10 mm thick steel hob. The top allows for griddle, grill and wok cooking. When the top is overheated, it tends to drop towards the centre, making the plate slightly sloping, and therefore able to let fat and cooking oil flow through.

Technology and functionality

Cooking surface with differentiated temperatures

The triangular top has been developed to provide three cooking areas with different temperatures. The highest temperature is around the central aperture, at the sides the medium temperature, while at the apex of the three tips the temperature is lower, making it ideal for keeping already cooked food warm.



Cor-ten Color Modularte


RAL paints

Black Color Modularte

N1 Black

Micaceous paints

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