Inspired by hanging gardens, Aiola is the modular planter that allows you to create green spaces with a strong scenic impact. A linear aesthetics with rigorous geometries characterises a very large tub, which lends itself well to the creation of angled or in-line solutions, even on several levels. The possible integration of porcelain stoneware cladding makes customisation in terms of materials, shapes and sizes practically infinite. An opportunity to add even more charm to your garden or terrace.


Thanks to the possibility of total characterisation, Aiola's walls can be inclined in respect to the ground. This solution is ideal for preventing tripping in areas open to the public.


Aiola is available with or without bottom. In the case of installation on topsoil, the bottomless version allows the roots of the plants to take root directly in the underlying soil. If, on the other hand, the planter is installed on existing paving, it can be set up with a raised polyethylene base or a raised steel base, depending on its size. Both solutions do not affect the natural drainage of rainwater, leaving it free to flow under the planter.


The external restitution of formal simplicity is due to a series of functional elements enclosed within the planter. The reinforcing elements become necessary to give architectural stability to the structure, when the weight of the soil acts on the internal frame. Through them it is possible to keep the walls straight and even.



Galvanised steel

Aluminium Color Modularte


Stainless Steel Colour Modularte

Stainless steel