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own world

Why choose us?

Modularte is the modular system that can be adapted to any environment and that allows the creation of large planters without any constraint of shape and with a single tank solution.





BBQs and Kitchens


Artistic furnitures.

We are a company based in Modena that since 2013 has been a leader in the field of the production of modular planters without shape constraints. We create made-to-measure outdoor systems that stand out for their formal rigour and concreteness, where the simplicity of the concept is elaborated through exceptional technological performances. We produce solutions that interpret the most up-to-date conceptions of living,  from domestic to professional spaces, through a custom-made logic and a precise and coherent identity.

Innovative designs.

The build-up of plastic waste on our planet is a matter of real concern for all of us. So, next time you feel like grabbing a bottle of spring water from some far-away and exotic.
Instead, bottle your own water using the durable bottle. The planet and your conscience will thank you.

Technology and functionality

Technological innovation, stylistic research and ecological awareness are all parts of Modularte's exclusive vision, translated into a proposal for the functional subdivision of outdoor spaces.


A project cannot ignore external constraints and stresses. For this reason, Modularte dialogues, understands and translates the thoughts of designers and customers: expressing in the quality of its creations, objects that will be part of someone's every day life.