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About us

We are a company based in Modena that since 2013 has been a leader in the field of the production of modular planters without shape constraints. We create made-to-measure outdoor systems that stand out for their formal rigour and concreteness, where the simplicity of the concept is elaborated through exceptional technological performance. We produce answers that interpret the most up-to-date conceptions of living, through a custom-made logic and a precise and coherent identity. Our aim is to translate the excellence of Italian craftsmanship into solutions of advanced technology, to offer innovative products with essential aesthetics.

Our story begins in Italy and our headquarters is in the city where we grew up and work, Modena. We are part of an area renowned for an industrial fabric strongly devoted to precision micromechanics and cutting-edge engineering solutions. All over the world our companies are considered among the excellences of the sector; we have in our DNA a long history of competence, great passion and ability. We are convinced that professionalism, experience and advanced technology are distinctive elements to guarantee the daily commitment of our mission.

Rigour, functionality and beauty. We blend these four components to design the best systems

The values with which we conceive our designs are deeply rooted in Modularte. We put creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication into all our productions of planters, furniture, brise-soleil, barbecues, accessories, and flooring. We boast an in-house research and development department of expertise. In addition to tailor-made customisation for the needs of each of our customers, we use a well-defined design methodology, promoting culture through solutions that can be translated into reference models.

We build modular systems that are the result of clear and structured thinking, aimed at restoring pure and essential forms with a constantly updated look at the present. The aim remains that of seeking individual solutions for those who choose to entrust us with the creativity of their spaces, creating authentic products that become absolute testimony to the unique Made in Italy style.

The virtue we pursue is that of making. The expertise of our craftsmen makes it possible to combine tradition and development by overcoming the dialectic of a standardised product and marrying it with the execution of a unique system. Our qualified personnel are involved in the management of the various assembly stages. This makes it possible to guarantee not only control and reliability for each custom-made product, but also complex and sophisticated workmanship. Indispensable conditions for the production of high-tech planters.

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As a growing and continuously developing company, at Modularte we take care of our staff. We believe that constant attention to the environment in which we live every day can help achieve the high standards we have set ourselves. With the same dedication and care, we manage the entire cycle of the production process, from the beginning of a new project to its final installation.

To this end, we have set up an interconnected logistics system that monitors the optimisation of material purchasing, stock values, real-time assembly status and extremely punctual delivery times.

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